Books Received, March-May 2010

Poem about Work, by Matthew Stolte

Paul Bussan, On Freeing Myself from a
    Full Nelson Hold and Other Sonnets
, PSB,
Emery L. Campbell, This Gardener’s
Impossible Dream, Multicultural Books, 2005
Robin Chapman & Jeri McCormick (Eds), Love
    Over 60: an Anthology of Women’s Poems,

    Mayapple Press, 2010
Sue Chenette, Slender Human Weight,
Guernica, 2009
Sue Chenette, Solitude in Cloud and Sun, Silver
    Maple Press, 2007
Dan Chiasson, Where’s The Moon, There’s The
Alfred A. Knopf, 2010
R. Virgil Ellis, Recess,Woodhenge Press, 2009
R. Virgil Ellis, Fuzzy Logic at Hartford High,
    Woodhenge Presss, 2010
Fabu, Poems, Dreams and Roses, 2009
Ed Galing, “Sunrise, Sunset,” Peerless Press,
Ed Galing, Lower East Side Poems, Alternating
, 2008
Brent Goodman, the brother swimming
beneath me, Black Lawrence Press, 2009
Barbara L. Greenberg, Late Life Happiness,
Parallel Press, 2010
Kenneth P. Gurney, Fluid Shape of an Empty
Joan Wiese Johannes, Sensible Shoes,
   New Dawn Unlimited, 2010
Richard Kovac, Untitled, PM Books, 2008
Nick Lantz, We Don’t Know We Don’t Know, Graywolf Press, 2010
John Lehman, The Village Poet, Zelda Wilde Publishing, 2010
Gerald Locklin & Beth Wilson, Modest Aspirations, Lummox Press, 2010
Jack Phillips Lowe, Revolt at the Internet Café, 2010
Mokasiya, The Shaman’s Dream,rivertink(at)yahoo(dot)com, 2010
Ander Monson, Vanishing Point, Not a Memoir, Graywolf Press, 2010
Jamie Lynn Morris, From Odes to Ends, Lulu Publishing, 2010
Jamie Lynn Morris, Ode to Naughtiness, Lulu Publishing, 2007
Cristina M.R. Norcross, Unsung Love Songs,Lulu Publishing, 2010
Stephen Roger Powers, The Follower’s Tale, Salmon Poetry, 2009
Nydia Rojas, Stealing Daylight, Flutter Press, 2009
Kay Sanders, That Red Dirt Road, Parallel Press, 2010
Robert Schuler, The Book of Jeweled Visions, MWPH Books, PO Box 8, Fairwater, WI 53931, 2010
Matt Schumacher, The Fire Diaries, Wordcraft of Oregon, 2010
Richard Swanson, Not Quite Eden, Fireweed Press, P.O. Box 482 Madison, WI 53704, 2010
Jacqueline West, Cherma, Parallel Press, 2010

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