Two Poems

Old Genz Road

The sign says “Dead End”
it is an unassuming turn
off of a younger Genz that
ovals itself off of Ski Slide Road
But the road dissects the farm
reaching around the back 40
a pleasant detour through the moraine
The children will abandon their play
of skip rope and castle invading or
Corvair racing from atop their
swingset masts
The adults will leave their wash waving
in the wind, horses momentarily unbrushed
their chores kept at bay for the
time being and run up the grassy
wild daisy covered slope
with a wave or smile at the strange sight
of travelers encroaching this path
Their bewilderment belying any
fear or discontent a shout out of a “hey do”
full of curiosity and life

Proving once again that the government
doesn’t have a grasp on its citizenry

A Few Minutes More

To close one’s eyes
In a 90 mile an hour freefall
bask in the morning sun
cocooned by a blanket of dew laden
wind circling and splaying
wisps of oil, lilacs fragrant on the tongue
or for the lucky moment of garlic mustard
wafting across the meadow a taste of
slow tractor/combine churned manure
weighing heavy in the cleaved fields
the sudden travails of a creek drenched valley
dampening the air in cold assassin shroud
once again the glory warmth
breaking through the canopy with
bowing lilies and obeisant hollyhocks
reverent in their sun drunk columns
sentinels marking the way
to close one’s eyes
to bask in the sun
a few minutes more

—Khristian Kay, Oconomowoc, WI