Country Living

These Frisco boomers sold a modest flat  
(5 rooms on stilts above garage w/ SUVs).
It fetched a cool 2 mil. Our hills shone gold,
our boondocks beckoned. 5 acre parcels, dust
in season. Mud. No sweat. In 4WD they trust
& malls where pioneering gear is sold
(no refunds w/o receipt). He speaks w/ ease
of god’s wild beasts in nature’s habitat.
She’s got Muir, Thoreau & Carson quote for quote.
They’re living Walden, want the 1-lane paved.
The road-dust turns their new split-level brown,
oppressing the gazebo. See her frown,
with doubt that any paradise is saved.
See their iron gate. She fingers the remote.

—Taylor Graham, Placerville, CA