Dindi Says Hang Luck!

Let its eyes pop out. Swing it
from a ragged rope.
I’ve had bad luck

and I’ve had good—
either way extremes nail me.
Once I found fifty bucks

on a wind-plastered Woolworth’s wall.
I spent it foolishly. That was
divine. Another time I accidentally

walked in front of a car
that pulled out. I hobbled on
crutches all spring. Dad said,

“Chalk it up to luck.” Maybe
God is luck, dashing
about heaven, raining

chance down on our poor savaged
heads. Pastor Colton says
God is love. Well, maybe. Or

an accident. Or found money.
Or caprice. A katydid
on a sunny spot of grass

just before the mower
cuts him up. And a meadow
rue grows where he died.

—Ken Pobo, Media, PA