Two Poems

The coat room

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They shed us
like light
over some distant memory

They sow us
and reap us
and never know
we too

need our peace

and seams
like solemn vows.

Instead they make
us come and go
as they please

loose little ends
in otherwise
solid beliefs.


Fisherman's Cabin in Alaska

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Russia is neither far
nor cold

a dark rim only
against the edges of the world

it's where the sea directs its gaze
a place of seals

- our next of kin
our daily bread -

it's a heartbeat deep
within the halibut.

Out here we don't believe
in anything much
but ice

slow perimeter
of the mind

and it's enough to know that
by whatever creed

the fish will come.

—Milla van der Have, Utrecht, The Netherlands