Three Poems

Another View, 1972

we sat side by side
on an airplane racing
down the runway

we had shared
praise for our state

where I had grown up
as my parents
before me

I gave voice
to my father’s refrain
taxes are so high

she came
from Germany
after the war

replied certainly
she would never
complain about taxes—

we have so much


The Cast
            a reflection on Trayvon Martin

            a boy
            walking home
            candy in hand

            a man
            on neighborhood watch
            gun in hand

            two parents
            wait for his return
            then learn their son is dead

Self Defense:
            chorus of lawmakers
            allow Suspicion
            to act on whim

            a phantom character
            does not speak
            lurks at the edge

            the audience
            holds the auditions
            and buys the tickets


“There are no facts here”
            heard spoken by Yossi Klein Halevi

perspective colors

green facts
            turn blue

purple reality
            fades to red

our forgotten planet

no common ground
to support the whole

humanity waits
            for magnetic pull

to bring and hold
opposites together

—Helen Ambuel, Brookfield, WI