Fear and Faith, an interview

The way I see it, it’s devils what rush in
where the faithful, wise or foolish, fear to go,
so a little faith and fear are probably
a good thing and I’m bringing ’em to you
to learn ’em right behavior, scripture, sin
and God. Too late for me. Besides I know
too much and have a job, best forget me.
Chopping down trees. Well it’s something to do,
it puts food on the table. Gotta tell
you though, my babies never learned to lie.
So tell ’em what you will from out the Book,
and show ’em verse and chapter. They read well.
But if I see ’em so much as bat an eye
about, or come home with a funny look—
I guess it wouldn’t be right polite to say
but I read about what’s going on today
in Massachusetts and New Mexico.
That cardinal stepping down? You know? Good. So
best keep both faith and fear in these two facts:
I love my children, and I own an axe.

—James B. Nicola, New York, NY