midwest (milwaukee) monster remix
           —provoked by ching-in chen

ever since i moved to the midwest (milwaukee), i have felt a variation of monster-ly

i have been thinking about a monster poetics, a poetry which smuggles/celebrates/straddles the border of what is human, creature, cyborg, queer, immigrant, monster, beast, future against the idea of the (nostalgic, historic, pastoral) midwest

if a monster is a legendary animal
if a monster is both animal and human and various
if a monster is a strange creature of such power to make others quake
if a monster is a deviant (in shape, behavior or character)
if a monster stimulates and undermines huge terror
then what does it mean for me/we to monster ourselves and each other?

the creatives included in this section sent me inputs to be re-mixed, collaged, re-spun, re-textured, for the sake of provocation and response

in this section, you will find their original inputs and my monster response (via bhanu kapil1

  1bhanu monsters me. reading incubation: a space for monsters is one that considers to eat charcoal publicly.  to carve an impregnated line south, to moan fungus