Lilac House

It’s a cashmere easter shrug in the rain. Church is over. Gutter pills on grandad’s side. The rabbit cage named Orville, moaning under a blush. Pretty.

So s/he renames him Flaccid. New blood in here, my girl-hammer plebis. Gnats are snacking on it. Around the turnip of the century, a torro rave salute.

Ox-blood leather gets better w/ age. In order to fluff her circle skirt. Beats off w/ boot brush, clawfoot lunch pub on mackerel. It’s an old Gawain gambling.

Go to prom so we can sell weed. Two priests perform the beachiest exorcisms on each other. To add your name, there’s a hoop dress store on third that specializes in tiki cradle cap  

—Nikki Wallschlaeger


bhanu exorcizes nikki's specialty

I see her stepping out of her body Church is over and I don't like that at all.

moaning under a blush
Sometimes she conceals a pregnancy, though
 my girl-hammer plebis nine years old Gnats are snacking on it.
Ox-blood leather circle skirt.

What is a streaming girl?
                                                                                    To add your name, there’s a hoop           
dress already menstruating yet dressed   


bhanu exorcizes nikki's specialty: a monster response arranged by Ching-In Chen from Nikki Wallschlaeger's poem and italicized text from Bhanu Kapil's Incubation: a Space for Monsters (Leon Works, 2006).