Ode to Nursing

You anti-psychotic tongue thrusting into a bloodborne peri-meatus.
You infected stoma.
You busted sack of intestinal drainage soaking into a piss-stained curity.
You dementiad resident voiding in your roommate's blooming foxglove.
You festered, pussed pressure ulcer.
You diarrhea flowing from an incontinent bowel.
You abusive, burned-out third-shifter.
You attempt at applying condom catheters to flaccid, geriatric penises.
You exposed, pendulic scrotum.
You angel of mortem lurking behind privacy curtains.
You mucusy death rattle.
You mottled nailbeds.
You Cheyne-Stokes.
You body propped, posed and rigor mortised.

You military time of death.

Kelsey Gray