Ars Resistencia

Fish bottle caps from heaps
            of distillery waste. Sift trash
for milk tin lids. Twist, crush, chain-
                       link them to each other
            like thousands of small arms
locking. Drape them
                        into 15 x 30-foot seas
            of kente cloth, tapestry, grass-
lands swagged in wind,
                        speckled with red wings,
            blue-silver agama.

Do this in communion with others.
Urge them to reshape landscape,
                                    shift peaks and folds.
            Call it salvage, re-use, synergetic up-cycle.
            Call it recover and reclaim.
            Call it puro rasquache, guey.

Do this in memory of
                        net-work, warp and weft.
                                    Twist and distort text-
                        ure. Strike the loom.

Do this in memory of
                        mesh fences we peer through
                        in a post-fence, wire-less world
                        blocked and barbed just for us.

Make yourself so small, the cuffs
            fall from your wrists. Then thread
                        the warp. Climb, crawl.

                        Drag your dinner table a la frontera.
Set one end aca en México,     el otro allá.
            Prepare posole with all the fixings.
            Invita tus amigos         de ambos lados.
Claro, Adelita will ask Paul to pass
            the heat—los jalapeños y rábanos,
            por favor.
Pero la migra will be waiting,
                        watchando. Y cuando Paul’s pinky
            sneaks over the line,
                                    they may not let him back
            in, ese. He’ll have to sell his
American dream. The least you can do
            is bring him some aguacate, un poquito
            de cilantro. Show us your fancy footwork,
                        your disappearing act:
Now you’re here. Ahora ________.

Storm tomato fields, spitting
            fricatives, snapping
                        toxic vines. Slingshot
            plosives at orange groves
                        dropping citrus
                        into the blistered hands reaching
            to pick it         Up the anti.
Plant your syllables                  on picket lines.
            Pace                 Plant your selves in public
space. Refuse to flinch. Plant
            feet so firm, will takes root. Plant will
            so wide, ears sprout ancestral maize.

Eat of this body, unengineered.
Do this in memory of
                        corn, potatoes, papaya, squash
                        tomatoes, cotton, canola, soy
                        beets, zucchini, cane.

Do this in memory of
            milkweed’s monarchs, honey bees.

Do this in memory of
            water                your last sip.

Paint the winter white howl.
Inscribe the undivided o.
Sound the voiced and voiceless stops
            of hunger strike
            of boycott’s broken shackles
            de calacas with their midnight carcajadas
                        waking us from sleep.