An Emergence

Barely visible
I see the sun
We are not two
By the wide birth
Of oceans, and the Sea
Says as I stood to their memory
And moved to another seat
As they were
And standing for this
There is something to say
By the river, where there is water
And standing by them
They move to the memory of something wide
And they see it in the shadow
To place the day of it
In another time
Of witnessing
And I say it there
For something and someone to stand
By the letter
And by the word
As they were to make one
And to make two
In the rivers of their memories
Standing there as the nature was
And moved to be a word
And woven to something there as they stood
And making meaning of the Sea
They stood there and opened the earth
To remain with it in the water of words
And stood there to it in the season of its moon
And was there to stand
And remain as they were
To make it in the word of the water
And to see there as someone said it
And stood there as a time
And made it to make a one
And to make numbers
And see there as one stood
By the waters of the world
By the earth of the world
And by the light of the world
They made a sound and made it stand
As I moved to it and saw there as someone speaking
To be there as they were in the aftermath of the Sea
And standing as they stood there to remember
That there was a fruit beyond and together
To remain there as one is and to speak
Woven through the world
And marked through the world
As they stood there to make the sound of the Sea
And they made it one in the aftermath of it
To remember and to speak

Roberto Harrison