Margaret Rozga—Poetry, Let’s Go Out & Play

Honey, it’s great you entertain yourself, but you’re getting all tied up in knots.  After the long winter, you need to get outside, get moving, stretch your muscles, make some noise. The fresh air and sun will do you good. You’ll love it. You’ll feel new energy.

Look, your friend History is out there chalking on the sidewalk, but she’s working all in white. Here. Take your box of colors with you. Share with her. 

And Justice is roller-blading across the street. That looks like fun. Want me to get your skates up from the basement? 

Later we can walk to the corner café, find a spot at an outdoor table, brush away whatever crumbs, relax and have a sweet.  Maybe a chocolate croissant.

Or we can go downtown, check out what shoppers are buying and eavesdrop on young executives walking in step to lunch. What about teens skipping school, parking checkers, hotel guests exiting and entering taxis, and clerks taking their breaks in jogging shoes—what stories do they have to tell?

What? You want to cross the bridge, see what’s happening on the other side of town?

Just as I thought. Now you’re getting the spirit. Looks like you’re ready to turn up the volume and sing Solidarity Forever with those whose singing cannot be arrested.

Once you got started, you want to keep going late into the night. Look at you!  Hanging out with all your new friends gathered in the light of the moon, spelling out your name.

Poetry, you’re a love.  Now I struggle to keep up with you.