Chelsea Tadeyeske—Pitymilk & Plumberries Press

Broadly, pitymilk press talks of our aesthetic as, “bizarrely beautiful writings that redefine genre and easily digestible poetic/literary interpretations.” In other words pitymilk press (and her sister press, plumberries press) are interested in the surreal, but tactile: work which re-envisions the mundanity of everyday experiences, explores outsider statuses, and alternative poetic voice(s); work which refuses overly rational or formulaic ideas of “meaning” found in traditional, hegemonic artistic production. We like to be challenged, to get lost in work which defies logical sensibility, but still carries an intrinsic or universal, ethereal coherence. We want our readers to agree that this work is beautiful, but when asked to explain why, are overcome by a pleasantly ineffable silence.

The following pieces are selections from issue three, four, and five of Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock (plumberries press), issue three of Drupe Fruits (plumberries press), and issue one of gritty silk (pitymilk press).