Contest Guidelines and Eligibility

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permitted modifications: cropping, dredging, and re-routing as necessary to maintain the lake's approximately oval shape and its participation with the advancements of the tourist league and the lake forest land company // resizing of the lake so long as the aspect ratio is managed for the desired amnestic faculty // single-step enhancement by the original waters upon the mergansers parked upon the original waters, the shoreline ratio of reed canary grass to blue-joint grass cornered in flooded, right-angle compartments, the broadleaved cattail, the end of precision-leaved cattails // spying upon the daily life of painted turtles and green herons // flooding swell of duckweed to be cashed across boardwalks // runoff nutrient loads giggling with the original waters inside the natural appearance of the original waters returning from the storm drain // cranes roosting ankle deep atop the sedimented ridge of the pickford plunge pool // thinking through the architecture of the pelican's extensible throat pouch in deference to the silo, the silage fish maintaining a healthy tint in the phosphorus age // carp introduction // carp seining // buoys demarcating the river’s former boundary after erosion of manufactured peninsula into the river-at-play becomes the lake-at-rest // calming weather beneath fascination, the treaties of clear evening color spectrum against coot arrangements and the copyright holders of the coots, the actual coots

submitted electronically while others continue to float upon the water commission // categorization of beaver root in the loss of beavers as materialized by the losers of beavers // one-step enhancements that are at least 18 years of age and are not affiliated with water workers // cleaning of fish to be consumed by women up to age 50 (child bearing age) and children (under age 15) not to exceed 1 meal per month of bass, catfish, pike, walleye // wavelets contrasting lunar brightness levels, the curves and saturation of such before the color balance shifts, intensifies, or otherwise disregards the absorption of the corrective functions, the windblown foliage of black willow replacing buckthorn, knotweeded hills up from bulrushes // the use of filters to soften or reduce the perseverance of motor oil marsh-bucketing the urban plan announcement // eroding right angles as though the muskrat appearing to paddle above bivalves must submit to the runoff of the goose field, the picnic ground of outright acceptance, its depth standardized like the fabulous lagoon // sharpening spot-edits to remove kingfishers // allowance of milfoil eurasian-ing flowers to codify their posthumous lineage, to be a particular hegemonic colony near the boat ramp fostering the sunfish odyssey // creation or removal of historical noise to partition the land between burial mounds and recreational opportunities for the settlement population

Jordan Dunn