Angry Water

Alright Listen up, Listen to what I got to say,
Put all your IPods, IPhones etc. away
Because I got something controversial to say
Ok imagine a summer day
A great day for swimming as the sea gulls greet you with their burst of laughter
As the water reflects a reflection so gay
You jump in to get some of the fun
Along with a couple plastic bags beer cans
Still oozing with the poisonous substance
As the Lakota Sioux say we are destroying our first medicine
Chug it down now
I bet a belly full of mercury is in your future along with losing all your hair being bed ridden.
Soon we will be just drinking liquid metal filled with regrets and despair
When we cared it was way too late
To do anything except to talk and talk and who really wants to listen to someone who’s just bumping their gums?
Just think
It’ll be paradise
Endless beach
Having no water as a dystopia
Cause the people who care is just diseased with Paranoia
If you’re not going to try and save the present at least save the future
At least try to have a future for our future.
I don’t want to be the grandfather
Spitting crap about that clear liquid that you could drink
Back in my day see
"It was made from oxygen and hydrogen and it came from the sky instead of this acid that burns your skin"
Trash thrown on ground common rotation
Trash thrown in lakes common rotation
People telling me that it doesn’t matter when you throw trash in the water
Is a common quotation
Asking for forgiveness for oil spills
Apologetic rotation
Big Oil may not be taking it so seriously
At least not as much as you think.
I think this water is so rancid that acid would be less acidic than the water
Killing Poseidon
Hari-Kiri with his own triton
Looking for someone to blame
Well you gotta start in the woman/man in the mirror mirror
Cause the finger of blame needs to do
 a U
-turn into the eye of the beholder
The holder
Of the finger
The three elements that we need,
The elements that we are destroying.
It's ironic ain't it

James Horton Jr.