Primordial Soup

For millions of years I have watched
basking in the light of brother moon
sister sun
we have birthed many children
tiny to titan
it is I who held you all those years
I saw you take your first steps
I was so proud
I turned to cloud
so that I could follow
offering shade
offering you the cooling rain of my tears
you would come back and visit
allowing your children to bathe in my embrace
is there any sound better
but something changed
you turned against me
you ripped my babies from my arms
for sport
it seems destruction is your favorite game
you have...
poisoned and plundered for reasons so pointless
YOU are my inspiration
now my oceans churn tumultuously
swallowing you and your ships whole
My rage
it blows hurricanes
it twist tornadoes toppling trees
thunder and lightning
tsunamis tear through towns
why you chose to anger me
I do not know
I was here before the shores
and in a single wave

James Horton, Sr.