Beyond the Water's Edge: A Creative Celebration

Dane County is home to 69 named lakes, more than 400 miles of streams and rivers (including 14 miles of the Wisconsin River), and 52,000 acres of wetlands. Water covers more than 23,000 acres, or 36 square miles of Dane County’s surface.  All Dane County residents’ drinking water comes from ground water.

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Water is an integral part of what defines Dane County. Water surrounds us, flowing through our cities, villages, and farms. We drink it, bathe in it, drive through it, swim and boat in it, and use it to produce food and other products. It drives our economy. It is necessary for life. In 2013, the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission marks the 25th year that it has been working for Dane County citizens and the waters on which they depend.

Hundreds of individuals and organizations act as stewards of our waters, protecting them for us and for future generations.  For this exhibition, 28 photographers and 20 poets help us experience Dane County waters in new ways.  The categories they were asked to speak to include: beauty and (re-)vision, recreation and tourism, caring for our waters, troubled waters, and water and daily life.  Photographers and poets were also asked to consider 25 of Dane County’s special water places in their work. Some poets have recorded audio for the exhibit, available in the sidebar.

25 Special Water Places in Dane County

Click on a marker marker for a description of one of the Special Places and how to access it. Explore the map in satellite view and see the interconnections of lakes, streams, and wetlands.

View 25 Special Water Places in Dane County in a larger map.