Natural Beauty on These Rocks

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On these rocks you'll find a countless collection of raindrops.

Like collaborative art, we admire your beauty. We observe your
environmental simpleness but question your extreme complexity.

At times, you can be so powerfully destructive. But at this moment you
remain so calm and your beauty is more reflective.

On these rocks, flows a story yet to be told. Like poetry flowing through
the soul. We hope this stream is tributary to something larger. Maybe a
lake, ocean or sea connected to a massive body of water.

On these rocks flows an essential element for the survival of life. If this
water were ink, what words would it write? If it could speak, what
poems would it recite?

On these rocks flows an element seldom recognized for its elegance or
existence. Too often we forget its sacredness and significance. Like
natural beauty, let us cherish it.

Derek L. Johnson