Books Received, Sept-Nov 09

Photo: Hotel Window
by Christopher Woods

Kim Addonizio, ed., Best New Poets 2009, Samovar Press, 2009
Sharon Auberle, Crow Ink, Little Eagle Press, 2009
Barbara Jordan Bache-Wiig, Yoga Woman, Poetry People Press, 2009
Mary Jo Balistreri, Joy in the Morning, Bellowing Ark Press, 2008
Cathy Smith Bowers, The Candle I Hold Up to See You, Iris Press, 2009
Jan Chronister, Target Practice, Parallel Press, 2009
Geraldine Connolly, Hand of the Wind, Iris Press, 2009
James Crews, One Hundred Small Yellow Envelopes, Parallel Press, 2009
Alice D’Alessio, Days We Are Given, Earth’s Daughters, 2009
Philip Dacey, Vertebrae Rosaries, Red Dragonfly Press, 2009
Bruce Dethlefsen, Breather, Fireweed Press, 2009
Rob Eckert, Pheromonal, Desperado Press, 2009
R. Virgil Ellis, Sing the Poem
, Woodhenge Productions, 2009
R. Virgil Ellis, The Tenting Cantos, Desperado Press, 2009
Kathryn Gahl, Life Drawing Class, The Cottage Corollary, 2009
Ed Galing, Tales of South Philly, Four-Sep Publications, 2000
Sid Gershgoren, The Extended Words: An Imaginary Dictionary, Red Dragonfly Press, 2009
Edward Hirsch, The Living Fire: New and Selected Poems, Alfred A. Knopf, 2010
Karla Huston, Inventory of Lost Things, Centennial Press, 2009
Charlotte Innes, Reading Ruskin in Los Angeles, Finishing Line Press, 2009
Jim Johnson, Driving Gravel Roads, Red Dragonfly Press, 2009
Jesse Lee Kercheval, Cinema Muto, Southern Illinois U Press, 2009
Michael Koehler, Red Boots, Little Eagle Press, 2009
Judy Kolosso, Aubade, Dumford’s Landing, 2009
Judy Kolosso, In the First Place, Dumford’s Landing, 2009
Michael Kriesel, Moths Mail the House, Sunnyoutside, 2008
Estella Lauter, The Essential Rudder: North Channel Poems, Finishing Line Press, 2008
Linda Lee, Celebrating the Heart-land, Jericho Productions, 2009
John Lehman, Acting Lessons, Parallel Press, 2008
Ellaraine Lockie, Love in the Time of Electrons, Pudding House Publications, 2009
Ellaraine Lockie, Stroking David’s Leg, Foot Hills Publishing, 2009
Arthur Madson, Out of the Welter, Fireweed Press, 2009
Robert B. Moreland & Karen M. Miner, Postcards from Baghdad: Honoring America’s Heroes, 2008
Ralph Murre, Psalms, Little Eagle, 2009
Cristina M.R. Norcross, The Red Drum, Firkin Fiction Publishing, 2009
John Pidgeon, The Formal Impulse, Parallel Press, 2009
Andrea Potos, Yaya’s Cloth, Iris Press, 2007
Anne Shaw, Undertow, Persea Books [Lexi Rudnitsky Prize Winner], 2007
Thomas R. Smith, Kinnickinnic, Parallel Press, 2008
Nadine St. Louis, Zebra, Marsh River Editions, 2008
Richard Swanson, Eastern Europe 1989 (A Saga), 2010
Marilyn L. Taylor, Going Wrong, Parallel Press, 2009
Marilyn L. Taylor, Denise Sweet, & Ellen Kort, Wisconsin Poets Laureate, Marsh River Editions, 2009
Don Thompson, Where We Live, Parallel Press, 2009
Alison Townsend, Persephone in America, Southern Illinois U Press [The Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition Winner], 2009
Marine Robert Warden, Finding Beauty, Bellowing Ark Press, 2009