Comments on Lorine Niedecker Poems

We asked for comments on two poems by Lorine Niedecker for our first issue. The responses to "Club 26" were interesting,informative, sometimes downright brilliant, and we share them on the right. If you'd like to add to the comments here, please do! Just email us, editors (at) versewisconsin (dot) org, and we will continue to post responses to the poems, as well as to the comments on them.



when the leaves



from their stems

that lie thick

on the walk


in the light

of the full note

the moon



to leaves

when they leave


the little

thin things


Lorine Niedecker



Club 26

Our talk, our books
riled the shore like bullheads
at the roots of the luscious
large water lily

Then we entered the lily
built white on a red carpet

the circular quiet
cool bar

glass stems to caress

We stayed till the stamens trembled