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Issue 102 Spring 2010 VW Online

(Click on links to poems, essays & reviews below.)

Editors' Note

Alternate Realities Poems & Visual Poetry

Dan Bachhuber
C. Mehrl Bennett
F.J. Bergmann
Jon Boisvert

Peter Branson

John L. Campbell

DeWitt Clinton

Charlotte Cunningham

Jack Dillhunt

Cathy Douglas

Denise Duhamel

Martin Elster

Beatriz Fernandez

Susan Firer

Brent Goodman

Ruth Goring

T. M. Göttl

Nathan Graziano

Greg Grummer

Kenneth P. Gurney
Emily Haight
Jason Huff
Gary Jones

Erin Keane
Peg Lauber

Sandra Lindow

Stanley M. Noah

Maurice Oliver
Esther Pearson

Jim Price
Jessy Randall
Peter Sherrill
David Steingass
Katrin Talbot
Marilyn L. Taylor
Nancy Ellis Taylor
Jari Thymian
Lisa Vihos
Ron Wallace
Stephen L. Webber
Cherree Wellman

Online Features

What Is This Thing Called Genre Poetry? by F.J. Bergmann

Midwestern Weather: A Look at the Poetry of Bruce Dethlefsen and Ralph Murre, by Sarah Busse

American Virtue, American Vice—An Evening of Poetry at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, by Gillian Nevers,
with poems by R. Virgil Ellis, Russell Gardner, Martha Kaplan, Gregory Markee, Gillian Nevers, & Steve Tomasko

The Poetry of Social Media, by Lester Smith

Interview with Matthea Harvey, by Wendy Vardaman

Book Reviews

Barbara Jordan Bache-Wiig by Kathleen Serley
Nicholson Baker by Richard Swanson
B.J. Best
by Karla Huston
Philip Dacey by Brent Goodman
Alice D’Alessio by Ralph Murre
Alice D’Alessio by Shelly Hall
Rob Eckert by Noel Sloboda
Eric Greinke by Judy Swann
Tony Hoagland by Kevin Fitchett
Judy Kolosso by Judy Swann
Michael Kriesel by Erik Richardson
Robert B. Moreland & Karen M. Miner by Kathleen Serley
Andrea Potos by Judith Barisonzi
Christine Rhein by Catherine Jagoe
Nadine S.St. Louis by Lou Roach
Alison Townsend by Judith Barisonzi

Audio Supplement

Books & Journals Received, Dec 09-Feb 10

Contributors' Notes