Books Received, Dec 09-Feb 10

The Winter of My Discontent, Colored pencil, by F.J. Bergmann

Maryann Corbett, Dissonance, Scienter Press, 2009
Ned Balbo, Something Must Happen, Finishing Line Press, 2009
Moira Egan, Bar Napkin Sonnets, The Ledge Press, 2009
John  Elsberg and Eric Greinke, Catching the Light: 12 Haiku Sequences, Cervená Barva      Press, 2009
Eric Greinke, Kayak Lessons, Free Books of Lowell, MI, 2009
David Gross
, Pilgrimage, Finishing Line Press, 2009
Kenneth P. Gurney, Greeting Card and other poems, 2008, and Writers’ Block, 2009
Don Kimball, Journal of a Flatlander, Finishing Line Press, 2009
Tim Mayo, The Kingdom of Possibilities, Mayapple Press, 2009
Jeannie E. Roberts, Let’s Make Faces! [children’s book], Rhyme the Roost Books, 2009
Peg Sherry, Life Lines from Extraordinary Abundance, Holtz Creative Enterprises, 2008
Lester Smith (ed.), Vampyr Verse, Popcorn Press, 2009
Heather Swan, The Edge of Damage, Parallel Press, 2009

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Books & Journals Received, Sept-Nov, 2009

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