Pet Through the City

           Listen to me speak about this morning
when I showed my painting to aunt Moon.
Her hands hovered over the word God written in the piece—
the paper showed its tooth through the graphite.
           He means to control the medium, Annie.
                      For a st—
           asking for ef—
Stare direction in the face, in the city.
I do a favor for            a wife’s cries
           for a cat:      come on Annie.
Her voice is enunciatingth  to the pet    through the city.
Nickel and hare peace       nothing like a hunt through her garden
           to make the sprouts worry over getting tread on.
Mami, can we have a new trampoline the sprouts have been compressed.
                      Tamp comp—
           Cool and livid compress for the soil, Annie.
I return the cat, so the owner hugs me.
She smells like the perfume and smoke of cash, coinage, currency.

—Stephen L. Webber, Las Cruces, NM