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Cover Art by Ruth Bavetta

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Editors' Note

Poems & Visual Poetry in Form

C.B. Anderson
Ann Arntson
Peter Austin
Ruth Bavetta
F.J. Bergmann
Toby Bielawski
Mark Blaeuer
Danielle Blasko
Peter Branson
Emery Campbell
John L. Campbell
Fern G.Z. Carr
Sherry Chandler
Ginny Lowe Connors
Brendan Constantine
Barbara Crooker
Philip Dacey
C. Dahlen
Janann Dawkins
CX Dillhunt
Martin Elster
Evan Glasson
Brent Goodman
Taylor Graham
Sara Greenslit
Laura Gail Grohe
Tim Hawkins
Rebecca Hazelton
Charles Hughes
Joan Wiese Johannes
Athena Kildegaard

Michael Kriesel
John Krumberger
David Landrum
Peggy Landsman
MaryEllen Letarte
Barbara Lightner
Melissa Lindstrum
Amit Majmudar
Charlotte Mandel
James Scannell McCormick
Lisa McDougal
Richard Merelman
Robert Moreland
James B. Nicola
Martin Ott & John F. Buckley
Ken Pobo
Margaret Rozga
David Sklar
Scot Slaby
Lester Smith
Kate Sontag
Bruce Taylor
Don Thackrey
Jari Thymian
James Toupin
Susan Vespoli
Lisa Vihos
Tim Walsh
Lesley Wheeler
Gail White
Valerie Wohlfeld


Online Features

Interview with Philip Dacey, by Karla Huston
Some Notes on the Art of Uncovering the Art of the Prose Poem or, Confessions of a Prose Poetry Writer, by CX Dillhunt
Why I Write Poems in Form, by Charles Hughes
Small Thoughts: Writing and Submitting Haiku, by Michael Kriesel
On a Double Reverse Sonnet, by Bruce Taylor
Interview with Marilyn L. Taylor, by Wendy Vardaman
Tradition & the Individual Sonnet, or Listen! Iambic Verse Has Variation,
by Wendy Vardaman

Wisconsin Poetry News

Book Reviews

NEW Books Noted Page—Brief Reviews of Oren Wagner, Kaveh Akbar, Steve Henn, David J. Thompson, Showstoppers: 20 Poems from the Midwest Poetry All-Stars; Richard Kovac, Untitled; Joan Wiese Johannes, Sensible Shoes; Rosebud (Issue 45, Summer/Fall, 2009); Lester Smith (ed.), Vampyr Verse.

Audio Supplement

Books & Journals Received, September-December 2010

Contributors' Notes