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Editors' Notes

Tribute to Hummingbird, Magazine of the Short Poem,
Founded & Edited by Phyllis Walsh

Notes by CX Dillhunt

Poems 1990-1995, Guest Edited by CX Dillhunt

Bob Arnold
Lynne Burgess
Cid Corman
Gloria H. Proscal
Robert Schuler

Jim Kacian
Ellen Kort
vincent tripi

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Don Ammons
p n w donnelly
Theodore Enslin
H.F. Noyes

Deborah Fass
Peggy Willis Lyles
Tom Montag
Sharon Lee Shafii
Robert Spiess

Mary Lou Bittle-DeLapa
Lynda Carver, translator & Elliot Richman
Sanford Goldstein
William J. Higginson, translator & Masaoka Shiki
Elizabeth Searle Lamb
June Moreau
Lorine Niedecker


Poems by Phyllis Walsh

Prose About Hummingbird & Phyllis Walsh

Tribute to Ellen Kort, Guest Edited by Fabu

Distilled from Nature: Poetry and the Works of Ellsworth Kelly at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Guest Edited by Gillian Nevers

Notes by Gillian Nevers

Brent Christianson
Sadie Ducet

Susan Elbe
Max Garland
Ronnie Hess
Tod Highsmith
Catherine Jagoe
Mark Kliewer
Mary Linton
Gillian Nevers

Sara Parrell
Mary Rowin
Sandy Stark
Heather Swan
Marilyn L. Taylor
Wendy Vardaman
Moisés Villavicencio Barras
Angela Voras-Hills
Timothy Walsh
Fran Zell

Verse Drama

To Be Someone Who Would Impress You, by Lynley Shimat Lys

Poetry Forthcoming from Cowfeather Press

Prose Features

More on Women & Poetry Publishing—in previous issues of VW

Wisconsin Poetry News

Book Reviews

& wisconsin shorts—micro-reviews of 9 micro books (a #'d series), by Wendy Vardaman

Audio/Video Supplement

Books & Journals Received, September, 2012-February, 2013

Contributors' Notes