And It’s Raining

to the University
but when I look for parking
I see unexpectedly it’s 
the Seattle Center and
time to turn
right and I realize I’m in 
the passenger seat
even though I thought
I was driving
no one is driving
the belt is buckled
and I can’t reach my foot
across to the brake
I am wearing
a long coat
a warm wool I’ve had for years
it’s wrapped around my legs
and the intersection
is coming up
Mercer street I think
and the light is against
me and I try to think
how to get my foot
on the brake 
or accelerator
as the car drives itself forward
with my left hand
I start to turn the wheel
I think, if I hit the curb I’ll
Traffic’s moving not as quickly as time.

—Carol Levin, Seattle, WA