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Editors' Note

On the Road Poems & Visual Poetry

CB Anderson
Marilyn Annucci
Daniel Bachhuber
Ned Balbo
Gerald Bertsch
Peter Branson
Joseph Briggs
Jeremy Byars
Edward Byrne
Barbara Crooker
Kate Cumiskey
Catherine Daly
Bruce Dethlefsen
Cathy Douglas
Yvette Viets Flaten
William Ford
Joey Goodall
Amylia Grace
John Grey
Kenneth Gurney
Anne Haines
Miriam Hall
Sarah Hoover
Eric Huff
Clint Jensen
Martha Kaplan
Khristian Kay
Claire Keyes
Michael Kriesel
Len Kuntz
Jackie Langetieg
W.F. Lantry
Carol Levin
Pam Lewis

Sandra Lindow
Colin Lockard
Ellaraine Lockie

Devi Lockwood
Ross Losapio
Gene McCormick
Mark McGuire-Schwartz
Barb McMakin
Patricia Monaghan
Tom Montag
CJ Muchhala
Gillian Nevers
Robert Nordstrom
Ken Pobo
Jeff Poniewaz
Christine Poreba
Jean Preston
Patrick T. Randolph
Liz Rhodebeck
Ron Riekki
Charles Ries
Lou Roach
James Roberts
Paula Sergi
Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Sandy Stark
N. A’Yara Stein
Bruce Taylor
Diane Unterweger
Philip Venzke
Phyllis Wax
Marilyn Windau
Chanming Yuan

Online Features

Six Poems in Search of Their Book,
by Marilyn Annucci & Russell Gardner, Jr.

Letter from the Frost Place, by Adam Halbur

Poems from Alum, by Shelly L. Hall

Interview with John Koethe, by Wendy Vardaman

Encyclopedia of Wisconsin Forms & Formalists,
ed. by Michael Kriesel

Beyond Ekphrasis: Collaboration as a Journey, by Sara Parrell

God-xings: Belief Intersects Wisconsin Poetry, by Wendy Vardaman

Wisconsin Poetry News

Book Reviews

Editors' Note on Book Reviews

Audio Supplement

Books & Journals Received, June-August

Contributors' Notes