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VW 103 Work Issue link to visual poetry of Matthew Stolte

(Click on links to poems, essays & reviews below.)

Editors' Note

Work Poems & Visual Poetry By

Marilyn Annucci
Laurel Bastian
CL Bledsoe
Margot Brown
Dan Butterfass
Jeremy Byars
John L. Campbell
Robin Chapman
Sue Chenette
Elizabeth Cleary
Barbara Crooker
Robert Ebbe
R. Virgil Ellis
Martin Elster
Douglas Fowler
Bart Galle
Brent Goodman
Derrick Harriell
Jerry Hauser
Keesia Hyzer
Jeffrey Johannes
Judy Kaber
Krhistian E. Kay
Claire Keyes
Don Kimball

Mignon Ariel King
Jane Kocmoud
Michael Kriesel
Jackie Langetieg
Peg Lauber
Emilie Lindemann

Carl Lindner
Jeri McCormick
Julie L. Moore
Kenneth Pobo
Harlan Richards
Edwin Romond
Judith Sepsey
Kathleen Serley
Thomas R. Smith
Barry Spacks
Matthew Stolte
Judy Swann
Jeanie Tomasko
Philip Venzke
Lisa Vihos
Caleb Whitney
Marilyn Windau
Scott Winkler
Catherine Young

Online Features

Poetry in Prison, by Laurel Bastian

A Newly Discovered Poem by Lorine Niedecker, “marriage,”
        essay by Sarah Busse

Interview with Martín Espada, by Wendy Vardaman

Do I Dare To Tweet a Peach? by Nick Lantz

Making Your Poetry Event Memorable, by Cristina Norcross

Six State Poets Laureate Talk Shop, by Marilyn L. Taylor

bending the retina’s mirror to the world’s beat:
new books by younger Wisconsin poets
, review-essay by Wendy Vardaman on Brenda Cárdenas, Brent Goodman, Nick Lantz, John Murillo, Matt Schumacher, Angela Sorby, & Bianca Spriggs

Wisconsin Poetry News

Book Reviews

Ned Balbo, Something Must Happen,
    Two Reviews: by Ross Losapio & by Lisa Vihos
Mary Jo Balistreri, Joy in the Morning,
    Two Reviews: by Judith Barisonzi & by Barbara Crooker 
Barbara Cranford, This Blind Journey: New Poems,
    by Linda Aschbrenner
Barbara Crooker, More, by Susan Elbe
Moira Egan, Bar Napkin Sonnets,
   Two Reviews: by Barbara Crooker & by Richard Swanson
Jim Johnson, Driving Gravel Roads, by Marie Loeffler
Ellaraine Lockie, Stroking David’s Leg, by Richard Swanson
Tim Mayo, The Kingdom of Possibilities, by Lisa Vihos
Kay Sanders, That Red Dirt Road, by Lou Roach
Peg Sherry, Life Lines from Extraordinary Abundance,
    by Lou Roach
Thomas R. Smith, kinnickinnic, by B.J. Best
Marine Robert Warden, Finding Beauty, by Lou Roach

Audio Supplement

Books & Journals Received, March-May

Contributors' Notes