Parchesi: A Shakespearean Sonnet

My love is like Parchesi in spring time;
She chases me, we turn, me chasing her;
Moves up, around and over, down. Sublime,
To know her bounding ways in overture.

Exotic zephyr leads us 'cross fair Ind;
Snake eyes are tossed into the mix of play;
She jumpeth me; a new roll sends her in.
But wait! She's yet another game t’assay.

For meandering slow she sends me home;
I wend me wary back again, reversed;
Comes fine delight between us as we roam
Into a measured dalliance, well-versed.

And so through doubl'entendre times we wile;
The die is cast: we bawd, we play, we smile.

—Barbara Lightner, Milwaukee, WI