Two Poems

Not Necessarily

occurrence happens by reason.
Accident aligns cosmic humor
with chance. Melancholy never sees
itself a puzzle complete.

Like thistle hands chanced upon,
the unasked-for advice. Take note, wildflowers
harbor poison oak. You should know this
if you decide to walk in these parts.

Rediscovered, Your Postcard

At sea’s precipice  crook
curled wave  mother’s milk.

Empty chair/empty porch.
So many times I rocked on those boards

why didn’t I stay free of time’s orbit?

Late night moon flat-lined the sea. Set no watch,
the young-self looked dark straight in the face

didn’t blink  didn’t care
where home was.

Time is an absence, stilling nothing
rocks no lullaby.

Love squeezed  squeezed
again into a tiny parcel

your signature reverberating faintly.

—Kit Kennedy,San Francisco, CA