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Editors' Note

"Luck of the Draw" Poems

Guest Edited by Shoshauna Shy, Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf

F.J. Bergmann, Power Tools
Shirley Brewer, Fortune Cookies
                      No Shoulder and Other Positive Signs
Carol Carpenter, The Nature of Vipers
Martha Christina, Marked
Jan Chronister, Burning Permit
                       All Walt Disney's Fault
Barbara Crooker, Surfeit
Heidi Kristine Czerwiec, Star Shell
Julie Damerell, Why Perfectly Green Leaves Change Color and Fall
Max Garland, Mega-Foods
James Gurley, Jelly Roll Way Out West
Lois Marie Harrod, Insomnia for Another Season
John Johnson, Everyone's a Winner
Kit Kennedy, Not Necessarily
                   Rediscovered, Your Postcard
Peg Lauber, Adoption
Lyn Lifshin, My Mother and the Lilacs
dawn lonsinger, Horror Flick (a hard kiss)
Alison Luterman, Manifesto
Janet McCann, Japanese Divorce Party
Ken Pobo, Dindi Says Hang Luck!
Margaret Rozga, Love
Hal Sirowitz, The Tall Have It Made
Sandy Stark, Cold Front
Jeanie Tomasko, Plate 345 Seaside Sparrow
                         You've Always Known
Theresa Welford, The Death of, Like, a Ball-Turret Gunner

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& Books Noted—Brief Reviews of Bart Galle, Everything Is True at Once; Kenneth P. Gurney, Fluid Shape of an Empty Womb; Deborah Jackman-Wilson, Walking Between The Raindrops; Richard Kovac, Untitled, Poems; Mokasiya, The Shamans’ Dream; Georgia Ressmeyer, Today I Threw My Watch Away; Robert Sonkowsky, Unsound Science; Diana  Woodcock, In the Shade of the Sidra Tree.

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