Red Abstract in 3

after visiting the Ellsworth Kelly exhibit at MMoCA
Februrary 2013

“If you can turn off the mind, and look at everything only with your eyes, ultimately everything becomes abstract.”—Ellsworth Kelly


To be 25 in Paris, in 1948
and fall in love (everyone does)
in Paris—this time with surface—

And maybe, in Paris, in 1948
for a young ex-soldier on the GI Bill,
surface is what there was

to hold—knowing
where the road led
you chose the road marker

having seen the view, instead
you desired the window


voice                chorus

orange                 (red
square                 (red
orange                 (red
square                 (red
 blue                    (red
green                  (red
lips                     (red
knees                  (red
flag                     (red
shoe                    (red
lines                    (red
flies                    (red
fan                      (red
pear                    (red
leaf                     (red
new                     (red
and                      (red
green                   (red
branch                             (red
          blue           (red
orange                  (red
square                  (red
orange                  (red


Five Easy Tricks to Lose Weight
cute kittens cute freedom halftime cute
dogs and guns unmanned American
baby cute anonymous Idol
sports heroes of like 2013 like
like civilian to strike save—

—Sadie Ducet